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December 2015 Newsletter

Happy Holidays from the Cove!

Message From the President
Well Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is not far off. The summer has flown this year for sure! So many projects finished and grounds, bulkhead, front entrance all looking good. One dead pine on the front entrance had to be removed, so sad to see it go. Be sure and thank Brenda for the decorations at front entrance and those up at the Clubhouse. Trying to update you on a number of important items in this letter so please read to the end! My thanks again for all the Board Members this year, your presence and assistance is so valuable. And Thanks too, for all those who volunteer around the Community. You make a difference. And especially a big THANK YOU
to our Manager, Brenda Lowe.

We had another busy year at the clubhouse especially the pool. And other than the pump breaking down which shut down the pool right in the heat of the summer, we had no issues with the closing of the pool. With the use we have, that alone is an accomplishment!

Our Labor Day picnic again, was a huge success. Food was abundant and better than ever. Thanks to all who brought dishes. This is what makes it

such a success! And of course the pool was full, weather was great and everyone had a good time. As Manager I want to take this time to thank all the ‘helpers’. They really deserve a BIG HAND!

Again, we have new structured fees for use of the Clubhouse, please check with the manager as those fees are changed so more owners in good standing will take advantage of its use. We have already scheduled two wedding receptions for the coming year so get your request in to her as soon as you know you are having a function.

Those of you who have sent your emails addresses, THANK YOU, it saves postage and printing cost. And for those who have not, please do. Naturally if you do not have an email address we will continue to mail yours but are finding emailing is so less expensive. Email address for the Cove is onhca@embarqmail.com

We are having a new website built. And the price we were quoted was in line with our old site but this one will be so much more “user” friendly. The website address is oldnagsheadcovehoa.com and you can link on by January 1, 2016.

A big change coming in February has to do with trash/recycling pick-up which will affect all Westside neighborhoods. As of February 2, 2016 trash will be picked up in the Cove only on Monday. The reason for this is the Town is now doing Town wide recycling. You will be given a blue recycling cart, same size as the current green trash cart and delivered to your address sometime in January. The recycle cart will be emptied on Wednesdays.

We have many rentals in the Cove. Workshops discussing this major change of the reduction in trash pick-up were held in the fall before the Commissioners made their final decision. Anna as the representative from the Cove and several others from the Village at Nags Head expressed their dismay regarding the one trash pick-up in the summer months with all the guests. They sometimes are confused about when to push it out, or just forget until the truck is gone! We were successful in convincing those in charge to allow the Cove and the Village a second pick-up from May 1- September 30. This 2nd pick-up will be on Fridays. So when you see one of the Commissioners or a staff person at Public Works please express your

thanks. While you may not need the extra day of pick-up if you live here, the visitor next door may have “forgotten” his trash and you will be left with the smell. This is a good thing for us. And if you currently have the yellow lid recycle cart do check with the Town as to when that one will be picked up and you no longer need to pay that monthly bill.

Another service we all enjoy from the Town is bulk item pick-up along with yard debris. No other Town does this service on a “call” basis except for the summer months. This service ends April 30 and resumes Oct 1st. HOWEVER you must call Public Works at 252-441-1122 if you put something out to be picked up. We note some things stay out for several weeks and it’s most likely due to not calling that number!! So please take advantage of this service but please call.

No unlicensed or junk vehicles are to be kept on your property. This is a Town Ordinance. We seem to have accumulated quite a few over the summer. The Town is taking action so please get your vehicle licensed or if indeed it is “junk” please have it hauled away. It makes a difference to the entire Community.

A Cove home owner reported a problem recently which they were unaware could happen. Their home was built in 1985 and at that time the plumbers used PEX pipe to run the water main from the Town meter at the property line, to the house. That pipe was prone to failure but this was unknown to us. They had a break in the water main while traveling and by the time this was discovered 100,000 gallons of water was run. When the plumber came and found the leak, that was repaired. When the owner finally returned home and looked into the problem he became aware of the nature of the pipe. In discussing his dilemma with a number of owners in the Cove he discovered several had had the same problem. So they decided to replace the entire main. Total cost of plumbing work was approximately $1300 and the water bill around $630.00. You may wish to talk to your friendly plumber to see if you have the same pipe used from the Town meter to your house. Being proactive might be less expensive than having to experience this problem later. And if you need further information on the above, call the manager.

Our newest yard of the season belongs to Brian Brumfield on Blue Marlin Way. He built his home using the Old Nags Head Style architecture with cedar shake shingles. A wonderful picture of his home was in the December 6th issue of the Coastland Times.

If you have someone you want to recommend receive one of the “4 Seasons of the Year” award, please call the office 441-4562 and let me know you think it might be a good candidate! We are also looking for people to be on the committee, so if this is something you may be interested in please contact the office. Also we are always looking for volunteers to help with many small projects and ways to get together as a community.

If you bike or jog down West Danube you may have been hitting some of the low bushes along the way. Thanks to the Town, they have all been trimmed and the sidewalk is again very easy to navigate. Another reason to live in Nags Head!

In closing we want to remind all our home owners of the many amenities you enjoy here in the Cove. From the beautiful front entrance to the boat ramp, clubhouse and pool and the large open space area to the south of the clubhouse with its new bulkhead and walkway where you can comfortably go crabbing, to the well maintained landscaping at all the community property, all of this would be impossible without your dues. We understand a lot of home owners wish to pay at the end of the year but please remember your dues are due in May of each year. With the expenses of upkeep and insurance, these bills do not wait for the end of the year to be paid. Send your dues in on time, it is a BARGAIN at $150.00 per year plus voluntary pool fees. A lot is done by volunteers and your Board Members do not get paid, but the bills must be paid. So please try and get yours in on time. The looks of the Cove impact all of us especially those real estate values!

Enjoy your winter, with it almost here, can spring be far behind? And do look us up on the new Website! See you around the Neighborhood!!